Apartments and Guest Houses for Foreigners and Exchange Students

Our Foreign Language-Speaking Staff are Happy
to Help Foreigners and Exchange Students
in Their Search for Rental Housing.

TEL:0120-332-324(from Japan only)
   81-36718-1576(from abroad)

Rental Housing Flowchart

The room searching accompanies uneasiness.
Please get to know the flow of room searching, and start the room searching.

ミニミニ国際課へ連絡 連絡イメージ

It is difficult to fulfill all your requirements, it is advisable that you decide your priorities beforehand.

ミニミニへ来店・物件の選定 来店・選定イメージ

Please be sure to ask any questions about the properties when you come to Minimini shops. If it is your first time of room searching, please ask any questions to our staff about any uneasy point or anything you don't understand. Moreover, it would be advisable to make a telephone reservation in advance. And we recommend you to take an appointment at your vacant time for further information.

物件へ案内 物件へ案内

When visiting the housings, the conversation in the car is the point. Let's ask not only things concerning the housings, but also circumference information and real estate related terms, etc. which you do not know.

It becomes easy to hold the subsequent consultation by taking communication with the staff.

申し込み・契約・入居 申し込みイメージ

Fill in a moving-in application form. Please be sure to check the charges, such as the house rent, etc.

(2)The explanation of the important matters
A real estate transaction specialist will give an important explanation about the duty and the right of the landlord and the tenant in the contract.

Confirm the contract contents and pay the application money.

After making the contract and moving in, start the new life!

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