Apartments and Guest Houses for Foreigners and Exchange Students

Our Foreign Language-Speaking Staff are Happy
to Help Foreigners and Exchange Students
in Their Search for Rental Housing.

TEL:0120-332-324(from Japan only)
   81-36718-1576(from abroad)

Housing Request Form

If you are going to search for a housing, fill the neccessary information in the form below and transmit it, please.

Name*First name
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Layout 1R/1K/1DK/1LDK 2K/2DK/2LDK 3K/3DK/3LDK
Rent*Yen - Yen 
Inclusive of maintenance fee
Deposit & Key MoneyWithinYen
Initial ExpenseWithinYen
Moving Date*MonthDayYear
Number of Residents
Bicycle Parking Space
/Parking Lot
Please tell us how you
got to know Minimini
Online Consultation
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Use of personal information
  • ① We will use your personal information for the purposes such as to provide you, in response to your requests and inquiries, and to distribute to you documents in connection with your inquiry, and when entering your lease contract.
  • ② We may share personal information that you provide in connection with your lease contract or any such products, services or offerings with third party(ies).
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Notes)If you have more questions, you may inquire at the international division of Mi.